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Muuga coal terminal

Port of Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia

The Port of Tallinn invited Witteveen+Bos in 2002-2003 to prepare the Design-Build (FIDIC) tender documents for a land reclamation of 3 million m3 (80 ha) with a quay structure (800 m) and rails.

The documents prepared included a basic design, employer’s requirements and technical specifications. Based on the basic design, construction planning and construction budget estimations were made. At a later stage the tender design was prepared. The quay wall will have significant loads from mobile cranes, rail cranes and the double track for coal trains. The maximum retaining height is 20.1 meter, the bulk carriers which can be received have a maximum capacity of 125,000 DWT and are 300 meter in length.

This project was dominated by high time pressure for design and construction as well, in combination with unfavourable physical boundary conditions:

  • soft soil with a hard layer at depth varying between surface level near the coast to CD –27 meter at the quay with the largest retaining height
  • the hard layer consists of very hard Cambrian Clay, causing very hard pile driving
  • at seabed level and in the subsoil at greater depth, boulders with a diameter of 2 to 3 meter were encountered
  • the land reclamation was settling during construction

The coal terminal is operational since 2004.