Port optimisation project

Ventspils Free Port Authority
Ventspils, Latvia

The project was co-financed by the EU and comprised a coal terminal (jetty structure), deepening of the access channel and rehabilitation of the existing oil jetty no 3.

Witteveen+Bos prepared reference designs and tender documents for the three projects as a Design and Construct project (FIDIC Plant an Design-Build) for Ventspils Free Port Authority.

For the design of the coal jetty first a layout study and a preliminary design of a coal and oil terminal on both sides of the existing oil jetty (cofferdam construction) had been completed. After an evaluation it was decided that at one side of the existing jetty a new coal terminal jetty structure had to be designed. Two mobile coal loaders with a weight of 600 ton each will be placed on the coal jetty. The jetty has a length of 330 meter and accommodates vessels varying from 12,000 DWT to 120,000 DWT. The water depth is 16.5 meter. As well as other loads, ice loads are a significant factor, combined with unfavourable soil conditions.

A preliminary design of the jetty was made for both a steel substructure as a concrete deck structure. A final design was made of the concrete deck alternative as well as the tender documents. The renovation of jetty 3 was quite a challenge. The cofferdam structure was completely deformed as a result of overloading following over dredging. A new combi wall was piled around the existing structure and grout anchors were placed and installed underwater at a depth of 10 meters.