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Reconstruction of oil jetty 3 at berth 32-33

Ventspils Free Port Authority
Port of Ventspils, Latvia

Since the late 1990’s deformations of the sheet pile walls of the jetty (cofferdam type of structure) have occurred.

The deformations are induced by excavations at both sides of the jetty from original contract level CD-14.0 meter to CD-17.2 meter. In order to reduce the deformations and to strengthen the oil jetty, it was decided in 1999/2000 by Ventspils Free Port Authority to install additional anchors at CD-2.0 meter. Despite these measures, ongoing deformations were still observed.

In 2002 Witteveen+Bos carried out a strength and stability assessment and VFPA decided to issue a design and construct tender in 2006.

The scope of the reconstruction works comprises the following infrastructure facilities:

  • installation of a new retaining wall (combi wall) on both sides of the main part of the existing cofferdam structure of jetty no. 3
  • installation of grout anchors
  • fill of the bed level to CD-17.2 meter
  • grouting of the soil in front of the existing sheet piles (if required)
  • fendering and bollards to fit the new jetty layout
  • inspection of existing jetty structure including existing anchors
  • temporary mooring facilities for oil vessels (berth 32 and 33) (if required)