Saulkrasti bypass

Saulkrasti is a touristic town located on the Bay of Riga in Latvia. In recent years the town has suffered from the ever increasing flow of traffic on the Via Baltika, which passes straight through town.

A major bypass was therefore designed and built, consisting of 18 km of road and 17 structures, including two railway crossings. Witteveen+Bos, working together with the Latvian company Celu Inženieri, executed the supervision and contract management of the project.

September 2009 the Saulkrasti Bypass opened for traffic. To mark this special occasion, a summit was organised with participants from the Latvian State Roads, the contractor, Celuprojekts, Celu Inženieri and Witteveen+Bos. During the summit, experiences obtained during the construction phase of the bypass were exchanged. The discussed topics included: quality of the design of the bypass, the distribution of responsibilities between contractor and supervisor and the safety of the general public and contractors. The main conclusion during the summit was that all parties involved learned from the experience and can look back on a fruitful cooperation.